Wally and Michele Together Again – eSucceed Charter School

Thanks to a tip submitted earlier this month, we have learned that Gilman has opened the eSucceed Charter School and has contracted the role of director to CESA 10 for $154,000. And just who might be the director of this new program? We thought you’d never ask: “Dr. Michele Andorfer, Ph.D.”

The full school agreement can be found on Stanley-Boyd’s website.

Wally Selected as Gilman’s District Administrator, K-4 Principal

Wally was chosen as Gilman’s District Administrator and K-4 Principal during a special school board meeting on July 29th, as communicated on Gilman’s Facebook page (page 1, page 2).  This decision came after first-choice Chuck Norton from Westby declined an interim administrator position in the district.

Also posted to Gilman’s Facebook page was a letter penned by Wally.

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Wally Unexpectedly Resigns from Sisseton, Offers Mentoring Service

After less than a year at Sisseton, KWAT Radio News reports that Wally has resigned as superintendent effective August 14, 2017.  This comes just weeks before the fall semester is set to begin on August 23rd.

Aside from Wally stating that he wishes to “pursue opportunities closer to family,” we have found a posting where it appears Wally is offering coaching and mentoring services “to encourage and support others to achieve their goals in learning and life.”

Interim Job Results in Contract, Wally Still on the Move

The Sisseton School District had approved hiring Wally for interim superintendent and recently agreed to a two year superintendent contract to begin on July 1st.

But perhaps this news isn’t all roses and rainbows to Wally:  We recently discovered that he was named a finalist for the superintendent position in Prairie Farm, Wisconsin.  The Barron News-Shield reports that Wally and two other candidates will visit Prairie Farm on March 15th “as a final step before the board hires a new school superintendent.”

Wally Eyes South Dakota Interim Superintendent Position

The Sisseton School District 54-2 in South Dakota is seeking an interim superintendent, and the Sisseton Board of Education appears to be considering Wally for the position, according to an online agenda for a November 9th meeting.

In comments made to The Public Opinion, School Board President Sara Johnson said, “Everybody has their own definition of leader, but we hope to find someone with good morals and values, who’s a leader in the community and who exhibits financial responsibility.”

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Wally Moves to Waukesha, Finds New Employment

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Online court records reflect address updates for Wally and Michele, both now reportedly residing together in Waukesha at 1405 Rockridge Road, Apartment 155.

Our visitor also reports that Wally is now working in the plumbing department at Lowes in Wauwatosa at 12000 W. Burleigh Street. Unfortunately the tip did not include a source and we have not independently verified this information. If you can provide a source to corroborate this tip please submit it!

Merrill Schools Releases Text Messages, Severance Details

In response to open records requests from the media, Merrill Area Public Schools has released text messages where Wally and Michele, calling each other “baby,” conspired to keep their “story straight.”

Details regarding the severance package Wally received were also released.  The agreement instructs Merrill Board President Jen Seliger to write Wally a letter of recommendation.

Read more and see the transcribed text messages:

Newspaper Pursues Open Records Request

The Wausau Daily Herald reports the Merrill School Board has held a “secret” closed session meeting Wednesday for an undisclosed “presentation by administrators regarding a personnel matter.”  The article continues to explain that in a phone interview regarding the meeting, School Board President Jen Seliger denied any connection to Wally or his resignation.

Perhaps more interesting is the paper’s persistence in attempting to obtain records related to Wally and Michele Jahnke’s resignations, which were curiously submitted on the same day.

Read the Revised Special Board Agenda and the Wausau Daily Herald Article for more information.

Wally Finalist for East Dubuque, Illinois Superintendent

Wally has been named a finalist for the East Dubuque, Illinois superintendent’s position, along with two other “very strong” candidates.

TH Media was quick to report on Wally’s leave of absence and subsequent resignation from Merrill.

Read more at TH Media:

Also see Wally’s Résumé

Facebook Comments Allude to Possible Misconduct

Suggestive comments submitted to the WAOW Facebook post “Two top Merrill school administrators placed on paid leave” hint at a possible reason for an unexpected leave of absence for Wally Leipart and Michele Jahnke.

A comment posted in response to a Wausau Daily Herald article provides a blunt explanation for the leave.