Wally and Michele Together Again – eSucceed Charter School

Thanks to a tip submitted earlier this month, we have learned that Gilman has opened the eSucceed Charter School and has contracted the role of director to CESA 10 for $154,000. And just who might be the director of this new program? We thought you’d never ask: “Dr. Michele Andorfer, Ph.D.”

The full school agreement can be found on Stanley-Boyd’s website.

Wally Eyes South Dakota Interim Superintendent Position

The Sisseton School District 54-2 in South Dakota is seeking an interim superintendent, and the Sisseton Board of Education appears to be considering Wally for the position, according to an online agenda for a November 9th meeting.

In comments made to The Public Opinion, School Board President Sara Johnson said, “Everybody has their own definition of leader, but we hope to find someone with good morals and values, who’s a leader in the community and who exhibits financial responsibility.”

Thank you to a valued WalterLeipart.com visitor for submitting this tip!